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Vista System Optimizer

Vista System Optimizer is an utilities suite works on Windows Vista, With its comprehensive suite
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2 November 2009

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If you have been a regular PC user for sometimes now, you may have already come to terms with the brutal fact that no matter how much cautious you are against virus and other malware, your PC tends to slow up after a certain period of time, and thus causing you various difficulties in the process. The reason behind this is the piling up of cookies and junk elements in the registry and other crucial components of your OS. However, fortunately for all Windows Vista users out there, this annoying issue can easily be addressed by installing a dedicated-for-the-purpose software such as Vista System Optimizer 7.8. The software has been applauded on multiple occasions by both regular users and experts for its amazing performance in boosting system performance.

Vista System Optimizer 7.8 has an attractive and easy to use user interface in blue and grey. The main controls and setting options can be found right at the top end of the application window- thus making it usable for any user regardless of his or her grip over technology. The software helps you to take care of your registry files, while removing all unnecessary junk files as well as cooking in order to provide the perfect platform for your PC to perform at its best capacity. The software also allows you to get rid of spyware and other harmful malware quite easily - just with a few clicks on the mouse. In addition it also enable you to execute tasks like recycle bin shredding, securing file deletion, clearing tasks scheduling and what not!

By virtue of all the aforementioned features and its decent price, Vista System Optimizer 7.8 definitely deserves a score of three rating points on the scale of five. In case you have still not upgraded to Windows 7 and run Vista, just grab hold of this software and jazz up your computing experience.

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Vista System Optimizer is an utilities suite works on Windows Vista, With its comprehensive suite of utilities and attractive interface, Vista System Optimizer makes it easy to regularly clean and optimize your system for better performance. The system-optimizer tools set handles sensitive areas such as registry files, as well as less critical data such as junk files and cookies. Privacy and security features clean Web files left in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape, as well as finding and removing spyware. Encryption and secure erasing protect sensitive data. other features include secure file deletion, recycle bin shredding, cleaning tasks scheduling and much more.
Vista System Optimizer
Vista System Optimizer
Version 7.8
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